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Comida gourmet

Catering Chef Gourmet

At Catering Chef Gourmet we have a great team of chefs, cooks and waiters for all types and sizes of activity, we can adapt to different budgets, needs and group sizes. If you are planning a party, a family activity, a birthday or a special dinner, Catering Chef Gourmet is here to help you. We can also provide private chef services in your home, in addition to any catering for events.

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Live Unique Experiences

The Finest Dining Experience in Costa Rica

Our team of dedicated professionals go out of their way to ensure your demands are not just met, but exceeded., we offer the ultimate in tailor-made services. No matter what you need, our dedicated team of specialists will always rise to the challenge. We perform our services with passion, precision and the strictest confidentiality.

Mesa de buffet

Clandestine Dinners

A unique experience

Clandestine dinners are a global phenomenon that is already sweeping half the world. They are held in private homes, rather than in restaurants, and offer a unique and unrepeatable experience to diners. Participating in a clandestine dinner is a small luxury for which you have to be very attentive, because the calls are usually discreet and the places are very limited. If you love going out to dinner and enjoying gastronomy, but you need something more, clandestine dinners are your thing. Not only will you taste an original menu impossible to find in a restaurant, but you will also share an evening and a table with other people you do not know, but who have been attracted to this dinner just like you, so you will surely have a lot in common. Clandestine dinners are a perfect opportunity to expand your gastronomic baggage and also your circle of friends.


It was love first course.

The food is unforgettable and the service is fantastic.

Tim Alaska

At your service

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